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Some people are comfortable working with lawyers, whether because of their phlegmatic natures, their vast and positive experience with lawyers or some other reason. We are aware, however, that for many others, the prospect of hiring a lawyer, or the actual experience of using one once hired, is frightening. We believe that these feelings of fear have several bases.

For some, this fear is based on a lack of familiarity with what lawyers do and how they charge for their services. In addition, lawyers' work can sometimes seem mysterious or invisible to a client. And many, though not all, situations requiring the use of a lawyer are difficult, stressful ones for the client to be in, and may put the attorney under pressure as well. This makes almost any interaction at such times itself difficult and stressful.

For all of these reasons, wherever warranted, we try to implement:

The foregoing dynamics of our practice have generally contributed to making our working relationships with our clients good ones.

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