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Steven A. Sklar, Attorney at Law

Original Observations

Observations about the Law

In dealing with the Immigration & Naturalization Service, a person may find it useful to bear in mind that there may be a large difference in result from one administrative officer's or judge's handling of the case to the next.

Observations about Soccer

Imagine being so good that an attempt you made to score a goal - an attempt which failed! - still has the power to astonish when viewed on videotape some twenty-seven years after the fact. This is how talented Pele was. I refer to that brilliant improvization at the 18 yard line during one of the 1970's World Cups, where he crossed paths with the ball that had been passed diagonally toward him just in front of the goalie and circled back behind the paralyzed goalie to shoot. What impresses the viewer to this day, and will probably always do so, is the creativity, the spontaneity of the idea Pele had to hop over the ball meant for him, to forgo touching it for a while, to run away from it. I have never seen another instance matching this, in soccer at least, where a player so clearly outthought another. And for the lover of soccer, that makes this particular play quintessential, because the lover of soccer loves about it that as much as it is a game demanding physical ability and conditioning, it is a game of rapid thought.

Playing soccer is like playing chess, except that the player is a piece on the board required to be aware of the movement of all the other players and constrained to try to affect the strategic progress of the game - without using his hands.

Soccer is about the creation and use of empty space.

Observations about Life

For the cultivation of compassion, what is necessary is to thicken one's skin without hardening one's heart.

Pusin on the position which soccer plays in Sklar's existence: "Sometimes it's the central organizing principle of your life; at other times, it's merely a religion."

Why is it that the makers of hot dogs package their product in quantities of seven, whereas the makers of hot dog buns package their product in quantities of eight?

Not long ago I got a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant that read, "Life is a tragedy to the person who feels and a comedy to the person who thinks." This terse statement triggered several thoughts: 1. I'm not sure I agree. 2. To the extent a comic life is to be preferred over a tragic one, this statement discourages emotionalism; is that a good thing? 3. Is there a preference for the cerebral approach to life in Chinese culture, reflected in my fortune cookie, or was the saying just a random attempt to be profound and provocative?

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